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Admission to Higher Secondary and Three Year Degree Courses Procedure

  1. Admission to H.S. 1st year classes is open to candidates who have passed H.S.L.C. examination under SEBA or any other equivalent examination recognized by A.H.S.E. Council . Admission to B.A./B.Com 1st semester classes is opened to candidates who have passed H.S. Examination of AHSEC or CBSE or any other equivalent examination recognized by Dibrugarh University.

          A copy of the prospectus along with a prescribed form can be obtained from the office of  the Principal on payment of Rs  100 /- Forms and Prospectus can also be obtained by Post by sending a Bank Draft of Rs 125 /- along with a self Addressed stamped envelop (28X12 cm size) to the Principal of the College.

A candidate seeking admission is required to submit his/ her application on or before the last Date as announced.

The application form duly filled should be accompanied by following documents :

1.      Attested copy of Marks Sheet and Pass Certificate of the last qualifying examination .

2.      Attested copy of Admit card.

3.      Attested copy of Caste Certificate viz. ST/SC/MOBC/OBC, where necessary.

4.      Attested copy of Affidavit if there is a break of studies detailing the activities of the candidate during the break       period.

5.      Permanent Residence Certificate from competent authority.

Admission to the college are strictly on merit basis. There is provision for  reservation of seats for students belonging to Reserved Categories as per Govt. rules on submission of requisite Certificates from competent authority . Twenty Seats are reserved in H.S. with outstanding performance in the fields of Sports, culture , NSS, and NCC. Seats have also been reserved for disabled. A list of provisionally  selected candidates will be prepared by the selection committee after through Scrutiny of the forms & Documents. A copy of the provisionally selected list will be displayed in the Notice Board. On the date of admission , the candidates will have to appear before the interview committee. They will have to produce all original documents before the Committee. Soon after the interview , necessary payment will have to be made at the counter of United bank Of India, Chabua Branch located at Chabua Town.

In case  any seat remains vacant owing to cancellation or forfeiture of seat of a selected candidate , the same will be filled  up from the candidates in the waiting list. However seat for candidate in the waiting list is not guaranteed.

  1.  Four seat in each seat is kept reserved for students showing proficiency in the of sports (Football, Cricket , Badminton ,Table Tennis , and other discipline recognized by the Dibrugarh University), NCC and performance art (dance drama & music) . Candidates seeking admission against aforementioned quotas must submit attested copies of Certificate of Proficiency along with the admission Form.

  2. Candidates seeking admission under ‘ Communal Reservation ‘ i.e. SC & ST must submit Caste Certificate duly signed by the competent authority.

  3.  (Three) seats in Higher Secondary and 3 ( three ) seats in three Degree Course are reserved for physically handicapped. The applicant must submit Certificate from the Civil Surgeon or District Medical Officer at the time of admission . 20 seats in H.S. class are reserved as College Donor’s Quota. Students seeking admission under donor’s quota have to produce Certificate or written Documents from donor’s Family.

  4. Irregular Students seeking admission to the College must Submit affidavit along with application form mentioning thegap Period activity.


Academic Schedule :

The academic schedule for the B.A./B.Com programs in the semester system shall be administered by the Academic calendar of the University published for every Academic session

 Admission Notice and Admission Criteria

i)       Newspaper notice inviting applications for admission into the different programs shall be issued by the Principals of the colleges / Institutes as per the Academic Calendar of the University. The minimum qualification for admission into the following programs shall be as below :

a)    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) : A student who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) of the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, or an equivalent examination (10+2) recognized as such by the University, shall be eligible for admission into the First Semester of the Six Semester Degree Course in Arts in Semester System.

b)    Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) : A student who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) in Commerce of the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council , or equivalent examination (10+2) recognized as such by the University, shall be eligible for admission into the First Semester of the Six Semester Degree Course in Arts in Semester System.

ii)        The admission criteria shall be fixed by the Academic Council from time to time whenever necessary. The colleges / Institutions may also adopt own policy for admission or selection of eligible candidates for admission complying with the eligibility criteria prescribed in the clause 5(i).

iii)      Statutory reservation policy of the government shall be followed in clause selection of eligible candidates for admission.

Structure of Courses of the Programmes

All B.A./B.Com Program shall have the following components, viz.

(i)           Compulsory Courses: These Courses are the compulsory courses for all students of the program concerned.

 (ii)          Major Courses :    Major courses shall be chosen by the students . The courses shall be optional and non mandatory.

(iii)         Non –major classes : Non courses shall be chosen by the students , who do not opt for major courses.

(iv)         Skill-based classes : A skill based course shall be mandatory for all students pursuing General B.A. programs. The colleges shall offer the skill-based courses as per their own in fracture and human resource feasibility.

Program Registration:

a)    The candidates shall have to register themselves to the University at the time of admission clearly mentioning their course / subject combination.

b)    The colleges/institutions concerned  shall submit to the University The Detailed Registration List of their enrolled students using the software provided by the University within one month from the date of admission or as prescribed in the University Academic Calendar.



(i)                 A student who has less than 80% attendance shall not be permitted to sit for the End semester examination in the course in which the shortfall exists. Provided that it shall be open to the University to grant exemption to a student who has attended a minimum of 70% classes but failed to obtain the prescribed 80% attendance for valid reason s on recommendation of the Head/ Director/Coordinator of the Department/Center on payment of a prescribed fee(s).

(ii)               The Principal of the college /institute with recommendation of the Heads of the Departments shall announce the names of the students who shall not be eligible to appear in the End  Semester Examination in the various courses due to non-fulfillment of the criteria of internal assessment and attendance and send a copy of the same to the University . In such cases , the student shall have to re-enroll in the relevant course(s) with the next batch.

Examination and Evaluation:


a)      Examination and evaluation shall be done on a continuous basis, at least three times during each semester.

b)      There shall be 20% marks for internal assessment and 80% marks for End Semester examination in each course during every semester.

c)       There shall be no provision for re- evaluation of the answer-scripts of the End Semester examinations. However a candidate may apply for re-scrutiny.

d)      Internal Assessment:

(i)                  In internal assessment ,  different tools may be employed one or more assessment tools such as objective tests , written tests , assignments , paper presentation laboratory work etc . suitable to the courses. The procedure for Internal Assessment prescribed in the modification in the Annexure V of Dibrugarh University Regulation for the B.A./B.Sc / B.Com. Programs in the modification in the Annexure V.

Clause I:

The marks allotted for Internal Assessment (20%) in each course shall be based on the following:

(a)            Sessional Examination I(Written) :25% of the marks allotted for Internal Assessment.

(b)            Sessional Examination II (Written) : 25% of the marks allotted for Internal Assessment.

(c) Seminar /Group discussion etc :25% of the marks allotted for internal Assessment.

d) Attendance : 25% of the marks allotted or Internal Assessment

The marks of Internal assessment for attendance shall be awarded as below :

Range of % of attendance

Marks to be awarded

80% to less than 85%


85% to less than 90%


90% to less than 95%


95% to 100%


 Provided that one (1) marks for attendance shall be awarded to the candidate falling under Non-collegiate category within the range of 70% to less than 80% attendance, who are allowed to appear in the end semester examination of the concerned semester.

(ii)  The student shall be informed in advance about the nature of assessment. Student shall compulsorily attend internal assessment , failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the End Semester examination. The Department may arrange special In-semester examination whenever necessary.

e) End Semester Examination:

  1.  There shall be one end semester examination carrying 80% marks in each course of a semester covering the entire syllabus prescribed for the course. The end semester examination is normally a written/ laboratory based examination /Project work /Dissertation.

  2.  The controller of Examination shall then make necessary arrangement for notifying the dates of the End semester examinations and other procedure s as per Dibrugarh University Rules( at least 20 days in advance ) and the Academic Calendar notified by the University.

  3. `.Normally end Semester examination for each course shall be of three hour duration.

f)  Setting of question papers, moderation of question papers , evaluation of answer scripts, scrutiny , tabulation of marks, etc. and Announcement of results, shall be governed by the Dibrugarh University Examination Ordinance 1972
(as amended upto date).

g)  Betterment Examination:

(i) A Student shall be entailed to take the “Betterment examination “ in any two theory courses courses of any of the six semesters after passing the Sixth Semester examination only once. In this case , the higher marks secured by the student shall be retained . The candidate shall have to apply for betterment examination within one year of passing the Sixth semester examination.

(i) Any difficulty which may arise in the course of operation of these regulations relating to holding of examinations shall be removed by the Examination committee of the Dibrugarh university.

Results and Prograssion :

a.       A candidate shall be declared as passed a course, provided he/she secures .

i.                      At least 40% marks in each course in the end Semester examination.

ii.                   At least 40% marks in each course in aggregate in the in-and end semester examination.

b.      A candidate is declared as passed a semester, provided he/she passed all the courses of a semester independently.

c.       The marks of in-semester examination obtained by the candidate shall be carried over for declaring any result.

d.      A candidate who fails or does not appear in one or more courses of any end semester examination upto sixth semester shall be provisionally promoted to the next higher semester with failed course as carry over course(s). Such candidate will be eligible to appear in the carry over course in the next regular examinations of those courses. However the following restrictions shall be applicable:

i. A candidate shall be entitled to a maximum of three chances to clear a course.

ii.If  a candidate clears the sixth semester examination before clearing all courses of the previous semesters, the result of the sixth semester examination of that candidate shall be withheld and his/her result shall be announced only after he/she clears the course of the previous semesters. A student must pass all his / her semester examinations within five (5) years from the date of admission to the First semester of any program.

e) Since the semester system involves continuous assessment , there shall be no scope for a student to appear as a private candidate in any program in this system.

f)A candidate shall be declared to have passed the Sixth Semester Degree B.A. /B.Com program provided he/she has passed all the semester and in all the courses separately.

g)The Degree shall be offered to each candidate , who has passed the sixth Semester Degree B.A/B.Com program  in the following manner.

General (Non major ) Program

Major / Speciality Program

60% and above marks in aggregate.

First Division

60% and above marks in major courses in aggregate.

First class

50% and above but less than 60% marks in aggregate.

Second Division

50% and above but less than 60% marks in major courses in aggregate.

Second Division

40% and above but less than 50% marks in aggregate

Simple Pass

40% and above but less than 50% marks in aggregate

Simple pass( the same degree shall be treated as general Degree for B.A/B.Com Program.

 h)A student , who secures 60% and above marks in all the courses individually in all the semester shall be declared have passed with first Division ( in case of the students pursuing general Programs) with Distinction or First class (in case of the student pursuing Major/Speciality Programs) with distinction.







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